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Off the Grids to Freedom
columnist: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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Topic: Constitutional Issues
Murder for Hire In Santa Cruz - The Curious Career of Irwin Joseph

We know that the Greed People are growing daily more desperate; it was not their original plans that are tripping them up but the cover ups that followed. Watch Santa Cruz and the unfolding story of Clive Boustred. It matters to all of us.
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Many in Santa Cruz, California refer to Commissioner, Irwin H. Joseph as, "Junk Justice Joseph." On a local forum his many errors, omissions and habits are discussed, the details striking the reader as simple sloppiness.

Those who complain about the rulings coming from Joseph also note that he seems completely ignorant of the Constitution, ignoring the rights secured to individuals through the documents that, presumably, every American should understand. In a recent case involving the rights of the homeless in Santa Cruz Joseph ignored the law suit brought by local civil rights attorneys Paul Sanford and Kate Wells announcing that he had, "made up his mind,," regarding the rights of homeless to free expression, ignoring the previous opinion of the appeal court.

That issue was thrown into high visibility in Santa Cruz when one homeless man, Robert Wagner, died sitting up in his wheelchair, unable to lay down and so save his own life. While the onlooker is tempted to lay all of the blame on Irwin Joseph that is a condemnation that should be more carefully apportioned.

Irwin Joseph is only a Commissioner. The role of commissioner has been described by one judge slightly south of Santa Cruz as, "a rent a cop; sort of like comparing real police to the guy who walks around the parking lot." Additionally, Irwin Joseph, formerly a real estate attorney, has no oath on file at the Courthouse, unlike those elected to judgeships. This was ascertained just today. All other such officials had their oaths on file. Without that oath, signed and dated, the person on the bench is outside the law. Regrettably, there is no reason to believe that will bother those who control the courts in Santa Cruz either.

Why do real judges, the local council and others, presumably better informed, tolerate the presence of Joseph on the bench acting in all ways as one of them? That is one question that needs answering. But one answer immediately suggests itself.

Greed explains many things.

In Santa Cruz, where Robert Wagner died on the street, another man is locked in a struggle involving Irwin Joseph. The second man may well be murdered through the active participation of Joseph.

Joseph managed to acquire the position of Commissioner in Santa Cruz not through his demonstrated excellence but through his willingness to do as he is told. His lovely home and comfortable life style mean everything to him. He let Wagner die, one kind of murder for hire. Now his comforts and status are threatened if another man is able to invoke the protections of the Constitution and stay alive.

Clive Boustred headed a company that challenged the grip held by the Federal Reserve Bank on money. InfoTelesys, the company he founded, threatened the perpetual profit machine that has for over a century pumped unearned trillions into the bank accounts of a small group of people, fewer than 100,000 individuals. It surprised Boustred to learn after their satellite based system was launched, that the FED is a private corporation that issues money that mortgages the lives of Americans through fractional reserve banking. Then it began to sink in. He learned the facts after the first murder attempt, carried out by Santa Cruz's Sheriff Department in 2002. Unarmed and in the act of driving up to his home with his children in the car, Boustred was targeted by a sharpshooter. The shooter missed; taking aim from 7 feet away the deputy sheriff put the bullet through the car, missing Boustred and his small son who was seated beside him. In the daylight of a sunny afternoon the situation did not go unnoticed. The deputy sheriff, preparing for a second shot, stopped only when his supervisor intervened having noticed neighbors watching.

Today, InfoTelesys is on hold. Over the last years Boustred has warded off two more assassination attempts and now faces another that may well take place as planned this Friday. In each instance the attack came through the legal system, using the personnel paid for by tax payers but arrayed against him by the local judicial system through the collusion of Joseph, among others.

This Friday Boustred faces eviction from his home, an event timed to coincide with a long awaited court date aimed at taking Commissioner Irwin Joseph off his case. The eviction is unwarranted and illegal, taking place through edicts issued by Joseph and unsupported by law. Billions of dollars are at stake.

Boustred has not been idle. Law suits that awarded Boustred, by default, funds of 60 billion dollars in restitution from Santa Cruz, The State of California, and the United States government wait to be paid. Joseph and his cronies know that new legal action by Boustred is in the works.

Irwin Joseph and others found the perfect weapon in Boustred's former wife. Anamaria stands to profit from a life insurance policy worth a million dollars if Clive Boustred dies next Friday in a rain of bullets. If he lives and manages to force compliance with the original settlement agreement she will owe him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anamaria, who later married the man, her lover, who helped her empty the family's bank accounts has motive. To save herself Anamaria wants Boustred dead.

Those who are taking aim at Boustred in Santa Cruz are, themselves, felons, traitors to the Constitution.

The question that is beginning to confront Americans, right, left, and never thought about it, is the agenda behind the actions undertaken by those who, to serve in public office, are obligated to uphold the Constitution and our rights. Across America today the Constitution along with Boustred, is under attack.

In the measures passed by Congress as H.B. 1955 and S.B. 1959,
The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
was written, passed, and signed into law for a purpose. Since the weight of evidence from a broad range of sources now give the lie to the idea that there has been any terrorism not initiated by those in power, Americans would be well advised to consider the reasons behind this measure along with the militarization of police across the country.

We have been moved from government in the hands of the people to government for the profit of those who hold power. The Constitution interferes with that agenda.

Today in America as few as 10% of those holding public office fulfill the Constitutional and legal obligation to sign the written oath promising they will uphold the foundations of American law. Around the same percentage post the bond also required. Instead, you, the taxpayer pay the costs when they are found culpable.

The failure to sign the oath, which is then kept on file with the Secretary of State and the County Recorder, is a misdemeanor until the fact is called to attention. When the individual is noticed the offense becomes a felony. Officials guilty of the crime of failing to sign the oath may never again legally serve in a position of public trust. They are to be ejected from office, according to law. They are also liable for damages, including the cost of relitigating and the costs of decisions made while they were illegally occupying the office.

As much as 90% of those presently occupying offices of public trust are therefore criminals aside from the corruption that is also endemic.

Why would so many fail to carry out a requirement that is so simple? The answer is easy. Displacing the Constitution makes them arrogant and so their arrogance makes them sloppy, as sloppy as Irwin Joseph is himself

The Constitution, easily understood, short, and focused on the rights of individuals, is not open to manipulation. The Constitution mandates accountability; the concept of sovereign immunity for those in power is alien to its precepts and absent from its text.

From cases involving the rights of the homeless to agencies that take children out of homes to be cycled into a system that first generates income from their presence in that system and then sells children into adoptions, the porn industry and as sexual slaves, every point that could be converted to unearned income has been covered. Through a family law system, through the whole regulatory grid the potential for moving money from the hands of those who earned it to those who hungered for the means to steal without having to lift a gun in honest theft, every base has been covered.

When there is that much money at stake it was a natural extension to use the same system, tuned for taking, into the means to keep the money rolling in.

Taking back government into their own hands is a challenge that now nakedly confronts all Americans. And that is the reason The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 was written. At any costs those in power know that they must make us afraid to rely on and use the Constitution.

To be a Constitutionalist, to affirm the foundation of American thought and government is being converted from the ultimate patriotism to a form of terrorism according to those in Congress and the president now in office. By those standards every single one of our Founders was a Home Grown Terrorist. When you understand the agenda of those in power, to strip Americans of their fortunes, their lives, and their freedom, it is painfully clear why they view the Constitution with such ceaseless hostility.

Despite what those in control say the Constitution remains the tool that keeps America free. But to do that it must be used. Those in positions of public trust must understand their obligation and be bound to keep their oaths. How to change the present trajectory and return America to government by the people, using the Constitution, Common Law and Common Law courts, is the challenge we now face. The statute that made signing the Oath mandatory was the first measure passed by Congress after the Constitution was ratified. It was one of the bricks in the foundation of law they built for a free people.

Many are now taking up the work that must be done. Ensuring that those allowed to remain in positions of public trust affirm and uphold the Constitution must become an immediate concern, calling Americans to action.

Don Rogers, former California State Senator, known to his many supporters as, "Mr. Real Conservative," commented that there needs to be a reawakening, that, "Most of those in office today hate and fear the Constitution." Former Senator Rogers has founded a Committee to Restore the Constitution. The group is urging that no candidate for office receive support without having passed a test on the Constitution and Common Law, demonstrating that they understand how it works in the hands of the people. Without that certification no voter, Rogers said, should vote for any candidate.

Knowing the Constitution is an essential for anyone employed by the public. For a commissioner or judge it is more. It is the law. California Code Of Civil Procedure CCP Section 170.6, (a) are explicit. They state, "Any party to or any attorney appearing in any action or proceeding may establish this prejudice by an oral or written motion without notice supported by affidavit or declaration under penalty of perjury or an oral statement under oath that the judge, court commissioner, or referee before whom the action or proceeding is pending or to whom it is assigned is prejudiced against any party or attorney or the interest of the party or attorney so that the party or attorney cannot or believes that he or she cannot have a fair and impartial trial or hearing before the judge, court commissioner, or referee."

On the same day that Irwin Joseph is scheduled to 'hear' the issue of an illegal eviction against Boustred Joseph faces a judgment in the case Boustred won by default, cited above, for billions of dollars. If there was ever a conflict of interest that defines it. Boustred has tried to recuse Irwin Joseph every single time he has heard this ongoing case; every time Joseph and his 'associates' in Santa Cruz ignore the law. No commissioner, even if he has signed the oath, can, by law hear a case when one of the parties objects.

And today Jackie, the assistant in Judge Ronald White's office in the U. S. District Court called to tell Boustred, "as a courtesy," that Irwin Joseph had not been properly noticed when the noticing had taken place in court by a third party. White, according to Jackie, wants to decide the outcome of the hearing on Friday in advance of a hearing taking place. One might expect that their next move will be to decide to simply transfer the title of Boustred's 19 acre estate into their own names after they shoot him to death and Anamaria collects the million dollars.

There are many reasons that the powers that be in Santa Cruz, and elsewhere, want Clive Boustred dead. He threatened their con game; he will not shut up. Having lived a life free of graft and corruption they have nothing they can use to blackmail him into silence. Remember this and arm yourself with the Constitution. It works when enough of us understand and come together.

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2008 Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, all rights reserved.
Published: Thursday, May 22, 2008
Last modified: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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